Saturday, June 27, 2009

All honourable men

Deccan Chronicle: You have, of course, resigned from Infosys. But have you had time to think about conflict of interest issues that might still arise?

Nandan Nilekani: The only time issues of conflict of interest will arise is during procurement. I will ensure that the UIDAI’s procurement is open and transparent. If need be, I will recluse myself from the decision-making process on procurements.

- From a Deccan Chronicle interview with Nandan Nilekani

The same day PTI reports that Infosys will bid for UID project:

Gopalakrishnan said Infosys would bid for projects under UIDAI like any other e-governance projects, but saw no conflict of interest though the authority would be headed by a former company top executive.

- From PTI report carried by

Of course there is no conflict interest ! Why ? Because the MSM folks have told us repeatedly that Infosys executives are a bunch of demi-gods. Look at the amount of genuflection that's happening in Infy's neck of the woods. Yuck!

As the good old days of inflated head counts and billing rates comes to an end for Indian outsourcing companies, the big outsourcing companies will bid for, and push for huge local government projects. It's been happening for a while - the passport seva scheme of TCS is one such example.

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