Saturday, June 09, 2007

Startups are not Democracies

If you are not one of the founders of a startup, you really need to aware of this. I wish someone had reminded me about this :-( .

Startups are not a democracy. Want a democracy? Go run for class president, Bueller.
- From Mark Fletcher's 15 Startup commandments

The Dirty Secret of Blogging

That's one of the dirty little secrets of blogging: the discussion in the comments are often better than the original entry. - Jeff Atwood

Simplicity, a feature

Recently, at work, I had to use the XML-RPC.Net library and couldn't help smiling at this tongue in cheek answer in the FAQ section.

Why use XML-RPC instead of SOAP?

If your clients and servers are all running in the .NET environment there is no point in using XML-RPC: .NET provides excellent support for SOAP and XML-RPC doesn't have any features not provided by SOAP (other than simplicity).