Saturday, November 22, 2008

From The Horse's Mouth: The Free Desktop Has Been In 'Catchup' Mode

The free desktop has been in “catchup” mode: catching up to first Windows and now nipping at the heels of the Mac. Our path has been obvious to date. In some areas, our technology and applications lead; in others we still lag. From here on, progress becomes much less clear, though I’ll bet on the moving herd and natural selection of free software over directed closed commercial development any day.

How now to move from such a reactive strategy to true leadership in all areas? How do you set strategy, when our very culture is that of serendipity, discovery, sharing of ideas, and creation? where a single vision cannot rule?

- From Jim Gettys' post 'Time To Lead ...'

In case you are a newbie or one of those irrational defenders of crappy open source desktops, please check out the Wikipedia entry for Jim Gettys. No wait, I will save you that click with this one line from that Wiki entry:

He is one of the original developers of the X Window System at MIT and worked on it again with X.Org, ...

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Jim said...

My point is that the free desktop isn't "crappy" (your word) any more, but already leading in many areas; time to lead in all facets....