Friday, August 26, 2005

Slash Wisdom

From an "Ask Slashdot" posting titled "Uneducated IT Managers, and How to Deal ?", I found this gem posted by Pope Benedict XVI ;-) :

"It's just about impossible to find a job working for someone whom you respect. "

To me, that about summarizes the crux of the problem with working in the IT industry. But strangely this nugget of wisdom has been marked as funny, instead of insightful, or some such. Setting the filter at four and reading reveals more insightful comments. Slashdot, for it's flaws, sometimes throws up insights that knock out your breath momentarily, or better still has the reader in splits - Some of the trolls are outrageously funny without being crude or offensive.

Wisdom of the commons, or shall we say, Slash Wisdom !

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